Gabriela Watson-Burkett directed, produced and edited two documentaries: Baobab Flowers (2019) and Nosotros, afroperuanos (2013).  Baobab Flowers won Audience Award for Best Documentary Short at BlackStar Film Festival and it going to be screened at many film festivals around the world during 2019. Nosotros, Afroperuanos was screened in more than ten countries in Latin American, also in Africa and the United States.

Both documentaries were produced to bring awareness of important social issues. They have been exhibited not only in film festivals but in different venues such as universities, conferences, community centers, companies and of course movie theaters. 

Short Documentary, 40 minutes, Brazil/ USA, 2019

Synopsis: Baobab Flowers is a documentary about education inequality as a global issue in black communities. It follows two black women educators, mothers, and activists as they challenge problems of the public educational system in their countries: Nyanza in Philadelphia, USA, and Priscila in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

Check out Baobab Flowers website.

Nosotros, Afroperuanos: Peru/ Brazil, 45 minutes, 2013

Nosotros, Afroperuanos is an informative documentary about the contribution of Afrodescendants in the Peruvian population and the work of groups dedicated to promote racial equality in Peru.

Photos of Screenings and Presentations

BlackStar Film Festival, Philadelphia, USA

Nosotros, Afroperuanos Premiere  in Sao Paulo, Brazil 

Nosotros, ​afroperuanos in Festival Encontro de Cinema Negro, Rio de Janeiro

Screenings at CUNY in NYC (right) and 

screening at the University of Texas in Austin (below)

Screenings in Lima and Chiclayo, Peru

With Award-winner filmmaker Haile Gerima at this library Sankofa in Washington DC

Filmmakers at CUNY, NYC

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